Following the motto to put “energy efficiency first” – the German Business Association for Energy Efficiency (DENEFF e.V.) is the united voice of more than 180 leading companies to strive for this goal – representing start-ups to multinational companies such as Bilfinger, Bosch, Siemens, E.ON, Philips, Knauf, Rockwool, Schüco Grundfos, Danfoss, Sonepar, Veolia, Saint Gobain, Velux, Ista, Schneider Electric, or Xella.

The German Energiewende is the most exciting project in the world to stop climate change. Policy interventions and new technology have only started to disrupt the whole energy market.

The most „forgotten“ and at the same time central aspect of the Energiewende is the massive reduction of energy demand (heat, mobility and electricity) targeted. All Energiewende (and CO2 reduction) scenarios are based on a demand reduction by at least 50% even while the economy continues to grow – therefore energy efficiency shall become the biggest source 
of energy in the next years.

GOOD NEWS: many approaches to save energy do already exist.

BUT: they barely find their way to the energy consumers as polished products. New digital approaches and new players are needed to fundamentally change the energy demand game!

This can only work if the DNA of researchers (innovative knowledge), the EE industry (customers and market experience) and start-ups (creativity, agility) are re-combined to a new creature. We call it the EE-lobster with a big brain, swiss knifed hands and strong muscles. A bit scary, but also clever and strong. Join the EE-lobster at the Energy Efficiency Hack  and become part of the solution to climate change.